Associate Torrefattori S.p.A: Roasters for history and passion.

The port of Genoa has always been an important point for the collection an distribution of the topworld coffee production. In the 1950s TAG “Torrefattori Associati Genova” was born. The Boasi family (Caffé Boasi 1930) has been working for decades in bar, Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending market with the Caffè Boasi and Rostkafé brands.
In 1953 the “Industria del Caffè Pera Benito” coffee roasting plant in Alessandria was born, today Caffè Pera, which has become an important reality in Vending, introduces and exports the aroma and culture of Italian coffee in different countries of the world.
Since January 2016, the two companies have activated an integration process from which Torrefattori Associati S.p.A., one of the main players in the Italian roaster panorama, with an estimated coffee production of around 6,000 tons is born.
The President of Torrefattori Associati S.p.A. is Marco Boasi, the vice president Arnaldo Pera and the managing directors, Massimo Boasi and Alessandro Pera. The headquarters is located in Serravalle Scrivia and was recently expanded to 18,000 square meters among production plants of highest technologies, warehouses for the storage of green coffee and packaged coffee.
Today, Torrefattori Associati S.p.A. with its three brands Caffè Boasi, Caffè Pera, and Rostkafè, exports the aroma and culture of Italian coffee in several countries around the world, creates and produces blends for all sectors, from coffee beans to capsules, pods with a strong focus on respect for the environment also using compostable, green materials and with the possibility, thanks to the certifications recently obtained, of producing Biological coffee.
Many things have changed but the soul of the company has not moved one millimeter: the main aim remains high quality and service.